IBM’s Watson Identifies How Brands Engage With Connected Consumers

IBM has unveiled the IBM Watson Engagement Advisor, a technology that allows brands to crunch Big Data, allowing companies to determine the best way to engage clients in key functions such as customer service, marketing and sales.

The IBM Watson Engagement Advisor "Ask Watson" feature greets and offers help to customers via any channel, such as a Web site chat window or a mobile push alert, saving consumers the trouble of performing searches, combing through Web sites and forums, or waiting for a response about the information they need, the company said. Calling upon IBM's Big Data Analytics technologies, IBM Watson retrieves data about customers to help ensure interactions are tailored to their needs, and search its database of stored information for solutions.

The cloud-based IBM Watson Engagement Advisor can also help brands manage their existing customer engagement functions, by reducing burdens faced by call and e-service centers that struggle to keep up with demand.

Since its television debut on Jeopardy! two years ago, IBM Watson has become smarter, faster and smaller, having gained a 240 percent improvement in system performance, and a reduction in physical requirements by 75 percent. The cognitive computing system can now be run on a single Power 750 server using Linux, transitioning from its original size of a master bedroom to that of four pizza boxes. Businesses that use IBM Watson can have the solution up and running quickly using a cloud computing environment, or deploy the technology on-premise.