Humach Launches Humach Connect

Humach has launched Humach Connect, which instantly establishes voice connections between businesses and their customers. At the same time, customer data and intelligence is passed to contact center agents before they answer the call.

The Humach Connect Web-to-voice communication system routes calls to the right professional the first time, eliminating the need to wade through phone menus, chat sessions, or to explain who is calling and why. The contact center agent knows who the caller is, what is in his shopping cart, his order history, what he searched or viewed, and other relevant or customizable data.

"It's a customizable solution that transforms how companies sell and support their customers while providing a premier user experience," said Humach CEO Tim Houlne in a statement. "It's both easy to use for customers and a quick add-on for your company's digital or mobile strategy."

Humach Connect works with all onmichannel contact center systems, without installing any software. It is deployed by adding a widget to any Web page or mobile application. This product is also available as an add-on to the Humach Interaction Engine, a patented multichannel cloud contact center platform.

"Humach Connect creates an efficient, customer-focused experience and solves a major problem in the industry," said Nicole Hushka, vice president of product development at Humach, in a statement. "Enabling access to an agent simply and quickly from a website or mobile application is one of the many ways Humach is revolutionizing the way businesses engage, acquire and support their customers."