Helpshift Launches on's App Exchange

Helpshift, provider of a customer support platform for mobile, has launched on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Helpshift offers a fully native support experience on mobile. Its in-app software development kit now integrates with the Service Cloud, giving joint customers access to mobile-first support tools, such as In-App Chat, Searchable FAQs, In-App Campaigns, and In-App Surveys.

"As more big businesses continue to leverage mobile as a new strategic channel, providing a complete support experience in-app has become a clear need, as well as a competitive advantage. Our relationship with Salesforce is a win for the whole industry, as more brands and their app developers, product managers, and marketers can reap the benefits of our combined strengths for mobile users," said Abinash Tripathy, CEO and co-founder of Helpshift, in a statement.

"Companies are looking to transform the way they connect with customers, partners, and employees to thrive in today's connected world," said Ryan Ellis, vice president of product management for's AppExchange, in a statement. "By leveraging the power of the Salesforce App Cloud, Helpshift provides customers with the proven social, mobile, and connected cloud technologies to accelerate business success."

Helpshift is installed in more than 1.3 billion mobile devices worldwide and gives businesses the power to support their mobile customers through fully native support solutions.

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Helpshift's cofounder and CEO, Abinash Tripathy, maintains that omnichannel service is not the answer to customers' growing expectations. As customers increasingly expect faster, more efficient support, the need for more sophisticated self-service support and support through artificial intelligence will grow. With $23 million in funding, Helpshift plans to continue improving its in-app messaging customer service tool by making it more proactive.

Posted June 13, 2016

Helpshift, a customer service platform for in-app support, is now offering Campaigns, a feature that arms companies with a more proactive approach to in-app customer service. The company already delivers in-app support but is now making it possible for brands to message their customers directly before a specific customer service issues arises. The new tool lives at the intersection of customer service and marketing, Abinash Tripathy, CEO of Helpshift, says.

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