Helpshift Integrates with Amazon Connect

Helpshift has integrated its customer service technology with Amazon Connect, Amazon's contact center suite.

Helpshift + Amazon Connect brings together phone support and digital self-service with messaging, artificial intelligence, and bots to provide a cross-channel experience to customers. It also allows contact centers to provide connected customer conversations that transition between channels while maintaining customer context and history.

Helpshift's digital customer service platform now integrates natively with any Amazon Connect call center solution to provide improved escalation and deflection capabilities. When customers call support, Helpshift + Amazon Connect offers the freedom to seamlessly transfer from phone to messaging or escalate from messaging to phone when needed. The solution also offers a built-in callback scheduling feature.

The integration powers a call-to-messaging and messaging-to-call channel roaming experience. When a customer calls a support line powered by Amazon Connect, all information gathered by the interactive voice response system is passed to an automated messaging channel backed by bots for immediate assistance. Neither agents nor customers lose context as they switch between channels. Once in messaging, Helpshift's chatbots and automations provide fast and personalized support.

"Helpshift + Amazon Connect delivers unprecedented levels of flexibility to customers who want to connect with brands in the intuitive ways they talk with friends and family - moving freely between the phone and messaging," said Linda Crawford, CEO of Helpshift, in a statement. "This powerful integration brings Helpshift's vision of connected customer conversations to reality, benefiting businesses, their employees and their customers."