Hawk Search Launches Upgraded Site Solution

Aimed at midmarket ecommerce sites, enterprise site search provider Hawk Search has rolled out a new version of its site search solution. The platform agnostic solution offers features such as user driven navigation, advanced auto-complete, thesaurus functionality and dynamic user driven navigation.

By using the tool, companies can also offer a customer experience based on search patterns. The latest version of Hawk Search personalizes and updates search results based on user behavior. An upgraded reporting dashboard reports metrics such as top conversion tracking, keyword searches, and searches with poor results.

In addition to the standard site search features, the Hawk Search solution offers advanced functionality which enables merchandisers to manage the customer experience. The improved merchandising tool provides the ability to merchandise search pages through intelligent search results ranking and rich banner campaigns. Merchandisers can also drive dynamic product merchandising to provide a customer experience that is based on individual browsing or search patterns. For example, top featured Items and best selling items are examples that can be personalized.