HP Expands WFO Suite, Extends Connectivity to Genesys and Cisco

HP Software has enhanced its workforce optimization WFO software suite, designed to help contact centers manage call recording, agent productivity and customer engagement.

To achieve a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace, global and multisite contact centers require a comprehensive WFO solution that improves workforce quality and performance.  The latest release of HP Qfiniti 10 provides workforce optimization tools that enable businesses to deliver the superior level of service that customers demand.  

HP Qfiniti 10.3 includes the following enhancements:

  • Additional call recording connectivity: In addition to broad telephony switch support, HP Qfiniti 10.3 has added support for contact centers using Genesys’ SIP-based Active Call Recording Interface for a seamless recording integration. Support is now also provided for contact centers using Cisco’s Unified Contact Center Express and Unified Contact Center Enterprise who require encrypted communications to meet privacy and compliance regulations. HP Qfiniti 10.3 can record these calls using the Cisco Active Call Recording interface.
  • Improved agent performance management: Within the HP Qfiniti Advise module, contact center agents can appeal evaluation scorecards, supervisors can review and amend scores, and escalations can be managed. In addition, integrated analytics provide visibility into which agents are appealing scores, which supervisors are receiving appeals, and what issues are being escalated most often.
  • Superior desktop analytics:  The HP Qfiniti Optimize provides advanced, dynamic dashboards and reports that improve supervisors’ visibility into workflow processes and agent performance. Supervisors can monitor individual processes more easily, such as order entry or call wrap-up to identity opportunities for automation, or track specific processes that relate to key performance indicators. 
  • Expanded browser support: HP Qfiniti now supports Google Chrome as well as Microsoft IE, providing greater compatibility for contact centers running on these standard browsers.