HP 5.0 Voice of the Customer Platform Includes Context Analytics

HP Software has announced significant enhancements to its voice of the customer analytics platform designed to uncover the hidden value in multichannel customer interactions.

HP Explore 5.0, part of HP’s workforce optimization solution, includes the following enhancements:

  • Expanded analytics toolkit: HP Explore now features over 25 dynamic reports and widgets, which reveal live analysis of interaction content. New reports including topic map and conversation map will allow businesses to act on customer insights quickly.
  • Improved user experience: HP Explore users gain much greater flexibility for customizing the presentation layer including setting up views and dashboards specific to definable user roles. Projects and dashboards can be created and shared for improved team collaboration. Graphical themes for widgets are highly configurable allowing for adherence to enterprise brand design standards.
  • Superior speech analytics: HP Explore now includes improved speech analytics, seamlessly utilizing the rich corpus of recorded call center conversations to inform the business. Contextually-aware analytics provides immediate feedback and improved customer satisfaction across the business. 
  • Seamless integration to indirect content, including social media: Built-in connectors to indirect channels, such as RSS feeds and social media including Twitter, Facebook, etc., provide seamless integration to many external data sources.

"HP Explore 5.0 moves us much closer to the promise of true customer understanding by illuminating concepts from all channels of interaction captured in the contact center,” said Jeff Westover, vice president and general manager, HP WFO software, in a statement. “These enhancements build upon HP Explore’s unique ability to conceptually understand all customer interactions regardless of channel or touchpoint.”