Global Relay Updates Its Archive Platform

Global Relay, a provider of archiving and electronic communication compliance solutions, has updated its Archive platform to help customers upgrade their legacy data strategies for multichannel hybrid work.

Archive can unify business communications, regardless of channel, with security and flexibility across the data lifecycle.

"A company's archive is often seen as a Pandora's box of historical secrets tied to the past with little context for the future. We're changing that belief with our open archive," said Warren Roy, Global Relay's CEO, in a statement. "In this mission-critical, post-pandemic landscape companies should have clarity into their most important black box. We're making it easier to connect any conversation on any channel anywhere and retrieve that data, if needed, at a moment's notice."

Platform updates include the following:

  • Global Relay Extractor, to migrate historic data from legacy archives to Global Relay's intelligent archive;
  • Open Connector Network, to connect digital communication channels, including email, text, Teams, Slack, Zoom, Symphony, Google Workspace, WhatsApp, and voice, across workplace collaboration and social apps;
  • Advanced AI that stores information and tags and organizes it for easier searching. It uses natural language processing, text analysis, and computational linguistics to measure sentiment in text and voice communications and supports more than 100 languages.
  • Discovery-as-a-Service to identify, collect and present data at a moment's notice.

"After two years of companies navigating constant business triage and rapid onboarding of new technologies, we're now at the birth of a new era that involves persistent connection across new digital channels in a distributed business enterprise," Roy said. "With this latest release, we are galvanizing firms to fully realize the benefits of upgrading their data strategy."