Gladly Introduces Self Service

Gladly today introduced Self Service to its platform, allowing customers to self-serve with localized, context-based answers specific to their current behavior and shopping history.

Self Service also gives agents visibility into customer communication and order history. The product provides a rich variety of information, all delivered by Gladly's Self Service chat widget, called Sidekick. Those answers include the following:

  • Answers in Context–Self Service gives customers answers to common questions based on context from their current behavior.
  • Personalized Answers–Self Service can also personalize the information it provides customers.
  • Multi-Language Answers–Brands can localize their public FAQs from one central knowledge base across different languages with Self Service.

"There's a common misconception about self service—that it's meant to deflect customers from talking to agents," said Joseph Ansanelli, CEO and co-founder of Gladly, in a statement. "It's not about deflection. Self Service gives customers choice and answers at their fingertips for the most radically personal customer service possible,and they love it."