Genesys Launches Cloud EX

Genesys has launched Genesys Cloud EX to engage, motivate, and empower employees within the contact center and beyond.

This new standalone employee experience solution includes artificial intelligence-powered workforce forecasting and scheduling, gamification, performance management, coaching, and employee development. Speech and text analytics help companies understand customer requests to predict and suggest responses that better address inquiries, both via self-service and agent-assisted interactions.

Genesys and partners are offering pre-built connectors from the Genesys Engage solution, Avaya, and Amazon Connect initially, with more to come.

"Employee experience is a business imperative because it often dictates customer experience. Many organizations are hamstrung by legacy investments that limit their ability to support the needs of today's digital workforce," said Olivier Jouve, chief product officer of Genesys, in a statement. "Genesys Cloud EX offers companies a simplified path to the cloud and tools that help them manage and empower their employees wherever they are."