Gainsight Releases Next Generation Customer Data Platform

Gainsight has unveiled its next generation platform to manage customer retention and eliminate churn, connecting the silos of data that prevent businesses from understanding their customers.

Built from the ground up to integrate with existing CRM systems, Gainsight’s platform employs big data analytics to automatically evaluate sales data, usage logs, support tickets, surveys and other sources of customer intelligence and present users with actionable insights and recommended best practice workflows.

“In the subscription-based economy, retaining customers and identifying upsell opportunities are imperative to revenue stability and growth. If companies want to survive and thrive, SaaS and other recurring revenue companies must synthesize deeper insights across all of their data to solve the mission critical problem of customer churn,” said R "Ray" Wang, principal analyst and founder, Constellation Research, in a statement. “By bringing disaggregated customer data into a unified, highly scalable platform and automating predictive analytics related to customer health, companies can take control of their customer success to exceed their business goals.”

Gainsight leverages advanced data analytics and integrates with leading CRM systems including, Oracle Sales Cloud, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SalesLogix, SAP, Siebel and more to provide:

  • Customer360: An integrated view of customer health across product/service usage, contract information, support activity, billing history, survey responses, reference and engagement data and more.
  • Predictive Analytics: Data-driven workflows to flag at-risk customers and upsell opportunities based upon patterns and rules, and route these to the appropriate team member or to the marketing automation platform in place.
  • Playbook Automation: An automated process of identifying future revenue opportunities and creating “to-do lists” of best practice actions needed to bring at-risk customers back to health, or to further improve existing relationships.

“Gainsight’s new platform opens up new frontiers in customer data intelligence, empowering companies to fully take control of the analytics that are the barometer of customer success,” said Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight, in a statement. “Many of our customers have been asking for the best of the CRM and Big Data worlds, and we are happy to deliver with our new backend functionality. Gainsight offers a seamless ‘source of truth’ for understanding customers, offering deep analytics and sophisticated reporting to enable businesses to smartly interact with their customers and prospects.”