Gainsight Integrates’s Universal Analytics Layer in Customer Success Platform, a universal analytics integration layer provider, and Gainsight, a customer success solution, announced the availability of an integrated analytics and customer success solution.

As part of the Gainsight Connect partner ecosystem,'s universal analytics integration layer is available now within Gainsight's Customer Success platform and is aimed at joint customers to broaden the 360 degrees view of their customers.'s universal analytics integration layer allows enterprises to integrate their Web and mobile analytics tools such as Mixpanel, Salesforce, Omniture and over a hundred others with existing systems of records. To make these unified customer insights actionable, Gainsight's Customer Success platform provides a flexible workflow for businesses to capitalize on new sales opportunities and proactively manage customer retention.

The integrated solution allows companies that gather customer data through to send that data to Gainsight, enabling faster revenue upsell, cross-sell and growth. Customer behavior and attributes recorded through broaden the customer health profile and trigger automated workflow actions, tasks and alerts to drive new sales and expanded relationships.

"Making customer data actionable has been the last mile challenge for many analytical developers," said Peter Reinhardt, CEO and co-founder,, in a statement. "With customer success quickly gaining ground as the new de facto standard for managing and nurturing customer relationships, the Gainsight integration on will help businesses cross the finish line into actionable insights."