GM Voices Produces Free COVID-19 Voice Prompt Bundle

GM Voices, a producer of professionally recorded voice messaging for technology applications like interactive voice response, e-learning, and virtual assistants, has released a free voice prompt bundle for business phone systems. The bundle includes general voice greetings, on-hold messages, and work-from-home notifications for companies dealing with changed customer care processes, business hours, and availability related to COVID-19.

Containing a female and male voice option, this voice prompt pack can stand alone or serve as a stopgap until custom voice messaging is obtained or recorded.

Since mid-March, GM Voices has been helping companies with recording projects related to COVID-19 closures, new business protocols, and alternate ways of serving clients. GM Voices waived all rush fees associated with coronavirus-based recordings.

Voice messaging types in the bundle include the following:

  • Auto attendant greetings;
  • Limited schedule notifications;
  • On-hold messages (with and without music);
  • Remote work notifications;
  • Messages for restaurants; and
  • Messages for venues/event spaces.

"This effort is really just GM Voices doing its small part to assist the business community during an especially difficult time," said GM Voices' founder and CEO, Marcus Graham, in a statement. "Our services are such that we can keep our business moving forward as a virtual company with our staff and voice actors equipped with the software, workstations, and recording environments to effectively serve customers. Not all businesses are as fortunate; we just hope this free download is a useful resource for businesses to communicate effectively and minimize the impact of the situation."