FrontdeskAI Adds Customer Engagement Analytics

FrontdeskAI, a developer of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for small business, has launched FrontdeskAI Multi-Location Dashboard for its franchise and multi-location customers.

FrontdeskAI Multi-Location Dashboards will provide high value and actionable intelligence and pattern analytics around the levels of customer engagement, response and appointment scheduling across an entire company's locations. With it, franchisees can see key metrics like call traffic, response time, time-to-book, appointment conversion, and more from a single, comprehensive dashboard. Franchisors can view their entire organizations, across all franchisees.

"Multilocation owners have proven to be the primary driver of franchise growth across the country over the last decade. The more data we can provide these customers, the better. With our Multi-Location Dashboards, we are giving our customers unprecedented access to customer service data and interactions, empowering them to find new connections and make impactful changes to their businesses," said FrontdeskAI CE Srivatsan Laxman in a statement.