Freshdesk Release Lets Agents Provide Customer Support via iOS and Android

Freshdesk, a provider of cloud-based customer support software, has announced a series of new features to provide greater power and flexibility for businesses with remote and geographically diverse customer support teams.

Last year, Freshdesk launched its integrated phone support, enabling companies of all sizes to instantly, easily, and affordably set up call centers so they can support customers by phone. Since then, support teams around the world have been using Freshfone to talk to their customers and track conversations directly in their helpdesks.

With this release, Freshfone is available as part of Freshdesk’s mobile apps on iOS and Android, so agents can answer calls and support their customers from anywhere, even when they’re on the go. Agents do not incur any call forwarding charges---they can start answering customers as long as they’re connected and online.

With more businesses increasingly hiring remote agents to support local customers, the Freshdesk app enables companies to get these reps on board and supporting customers instantly from their mobile phones, wherever they are. Additionally, the release enables companies can get local support numbers in 36 different countries, enabling them to better support their customers without building call centers in each region.