Freshdesk Integrates with QuickBooks

Freshdesk, a provider of cloud-based customer support software, has integrated with Intuit's QuickBooks platform to bring customer billing and invoicing histories to the forefront of each customer interaction. Support agents can now access more information about each customer from the support portal, while tracking time spent on customer tickets for billing purposes.

The integration will allow Freshdesk users to view past invoices and customer details from QuickBooks inside Freshdesk support tickets. Available details include the bill-to name, address, email ID, and phone numbers. It will also allow SMBs that track time for billing, such as accounting or law firms, to total the amount of time spent on a ticket in Freshdesk and send those details back to QuickBooks for billing.

"This new integration with Freshdesk will empower QuickBooks Online users with seamless access to valuable customer data so that they can deliver an exceptional customer care experience," said Jen Pataki, director of marketing at the Intuit Developer Group, in a statement. "The QuickBooks Online platform is designed to provide small businesses with the full range of cloud-based business management tools that integrate seamlessly with our core accounting application. The addition of Freshdesk is yet another step forward in our journey of fueling small business success."

"We're continually working to help companies improve their ability to offer exceptional customer service," said Francesco Rovetta,vice president of business development at Freshdesk, in a statement. "Partnering with QuickBooks will help small businesses offer a better customer experience while saving time with billing and invoicing. Ultimately it's all about making our customers' lives easier by creating a fully integrated solution."