Freshdesk Integrates Box for Better Collaboration Between Support Teams and Customers

Freshdesk, a provider of customer support software in the SaaS market, has announced an integration with free cloud storage and file sharing services from Box to facilitate easier collaboration between customers and support teams.

With the new integration, users that need assistance from customer support can select their files from Box through a simple “attach from Box” option, so that they can provide more detail about their questions. Information will then automatically be shared these with the correct customer support agent. Support agents can then easily attach useful materials such as screenshots, customer guides or other aides that will help resolve customers’ issues, without limitations around file size, a common issue that can often hinder seamless collaboration.

“We’re continually working to help businesses support their customers in the most effective way possible,” said Francesco Rovetta, vice president, alliances and dstribution, Freshdesk, in a statement. “ Many businesses use Box to collaborate on crucial information within and outside of their organizations. By integrating with Box, we are enabling support teams that use Freshdesk to work with their customers on the platform they are already using for external collaboration. With the new integration, we expect teams to see an improvement in productivity: agents can instantly share the necessary materials with customers and focus on helping them be successful within their business.”