ForeSee Updates ForeSee CX Suite

ForeSee today released the latest version of ForeSee CX Suite to help companies manage all their customer experience intelligence rom one place.

The five enhancements to CX Suite are the following:

  • Store and Location Leaderboard, offering increased visibility across locations and the ability to instantly identify top and bottom stores and compare performance at various levels of the organization;
  • Location Hierarchy, allowing users to create and manage multiple hierarchy types (e.g. location, contact center agent, or employee, etc.) with data at each level rendered in real time for instant analysis;
  • Topics Dashboard, a text analytics engine with industry-specific taxonomies for retail, financial services, and government, and the ability to integrate or upload any custom dataset;
  • Flexible Survey Design, including via web URLs. Also, new device-specific badge designs with different page layout selections and behavior for desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • ForeSee Mobile App, allowing users to drill down into respondent-level details from voice of the customer (VOC) feeds.

"ForeSee's new release builds on our vision to give companies everything they need to identify and act on critical customer experience issues across the complete customer journey for all channels, powered by the certainty of our scientifically proven model," said Pete Daffern, CEO of ForeSee, in a statement. "Providing a fantastic omnichannel customer experience is the last frontier of differentiation for companies. Today's enhancements to ForeSee CX Suite, combined with the best infrastructure in the industry, reinforce our commitment to helping companies engage a powerful and strategic solution to win on customer experience."