ForeSee Releases Multichannel Customer Experience Platform

Foresee has released introduced the ForeSee cx360, a multichannel customer experience analytics platform powered by voice-of-customer measurement, predictive analytics and ForeSee's proprietary methodology. 

New multichannel capabilities and technologies included in ForeSee's cx360 SM platform include:

An executive portal that provides visibility into all measured touch points of a multichannel customer experience (i.e., contact center, mobile, store, Web, social, email and relationship) in one place, with easy-to-understand visualizations and dashboards that make it simple to communicate performance and priorities to the executive level.

  • Company level performance metrics from a customer relationship perspective and/or through the combined performance across channels and experience touch points, including single scores that provide a high-level view of the combined performance of more than one channel and touch point.
  • Multichannel insights that shed light on the combined effect of experiences at different points of engagement as well as the dynamic interaction between touch points.
  • Meaningful benchmarking to put an organization's multichannel performance in context with competitors and peers.

"While most currently used metrics narrowly focus on individual channels, our clients are asking for a unified perspective across their multichannel enterprise," said John Williams, ForeSee's senior vice president of product and delivery, in statement. "In the coming year, ForeSee will continue to systematically deliver next-generation customer experience analytics capabilities to the market based on ForeSee's cx360 SM platform, enabling business leaders to strategically invest in a superior customer experience and thereby gain competitive advantage."