ForeSee Launches New Version of CX Suite

ForeSee has introduced the next release of ForeSee CX Suite, its voice of the customer solution, with predictive modeling for NPS, which identifies the drivers of Net Promoter Score and the actions that will have the most impact on improving the score.

"With our latest release of the ForeSee CX Suite, companies no longer have to choose between [customer satisfaction] and NPS, long and short survey types, or structured and unstructured feedback," said Kaj van de Loo, chief product officer at ForeSee, in a statement. "We are entirely committed to delivering CX intelligence that companies can act on in order to increase satisfaction, improve likelihood to recommend, and, perhaps most importantly, drive revenue."

New ForeSee CX Suite features include the following:

  • Flexible survey design with a new user experience that includes multiple invitation and survey design options that companies can personalize while maintaining responsiveness for a number of device types.
  • Predictive NPS, which enables companies to leverage predictive analytics to a identify the drivers of NPS and the actions that will have the most impact on improving their scores.
  • Advanced dashboards for every role in the enterprise. CX Suite users can use best-practice data visualizations or customize their own views.
  • Intelligent text analysis with machine-learning enhancements to analyze more external data sources in aggregate and uncover root causes using topics and keywords;
  • More powerful digital replays with increased performance and new privacy and security features;
  • Advanced machine learning to process hundreds of millions of events per day; and
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

The new release of the ForeSee CX Suite, including Predictive NPS, will be available this summer.