Fonolo Enhances Its Call-Back System

Fonolo, a provider of cloud-based call-back solutions for the call center, has released a new call-back platform with a breadth of new features supporting increased security, reporting, customization, and accessibility.

"Our goal is to empower companies with the most advanced call-back solution on the market today," said Mike Pultz, chief technology officer at Fonolo, in a statement. "Many of the upgrades we've made, from additional API functionality to enterprise security features, will allow our customers to more deeply integrate with our platform."

Fonolo's new call-back platform incorporates the following improvements:

  • A new portal with more advanced options for configuring and managing call-backs;
  • Improved reporting and monitoring capabilities, including more advanced real-time data reporting and dashboard graphs;
  • A new responsive widget for call-backs on web and mobile platforms that support ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications), designed to make web applications more accessible for the disabled;
  • Expanded API functionality to support custom-built call-back applications;
  • An expanded geo footprint to speed load times regardless of where users are located;
  • Single sign-on using SAML 2 identity providers; and
  • New security features, including audit controls, log-on history reporting, and customizable password policies.