Fonolo Earns Call-Back Technology Patent

Fonolo, a provider of cloud-based call-back solutions for the contact center, has been granted another key patent related to its call-back technology. The company now has a portfolio of 10 patents in the United States and three in Canada, with more applications pending.

U.S. Patent 9,386,151, titled "System and Method for Replacing Hold-Time With a Call-Back in a Contact Center Environment," describes how call-backs can be added to a call center environment so the experience is seamless and intuitive for the caller while internal functionality, such as call-attached data, is maintained. The patent addresses both cloud and cloud-premises hybrid deployments, the latter involving a local media appliance that allows voice traffic to remain in the call center, while the service as a whole is managed remotely.

"Through this patent and the others in our portfolio, we have demonstrated industry leadership in three areas that are fundamental to the future of the contact center: virtual queuing, IVR integration, and call-back technology," said Masoud Vakili, senior advisor for IP strategy at Fonolo, in a statement.

"This new patent complements Fonolo's active strategy to build a strong intellectual property portfolio," said Fonolo CEO Shai Berger in a statement. "With intensifying demands for businesses to provide better customer experiences, call-backs are fast becoming an essential part of any contact center's service strategy. However, not all solutions are created equally, and we are proud that our technology is protected by a growing portfolio of patents."