Fonolo, Aspect Partner, Offer Multichannel Call-Back Solution

Fonolo, a company that improves the call center experience by replacing hold time with call-backs, and Aspect Software, a provider of fully-integrated contact center solutions, announced a working relationship to bring multichannel call-backs to the contact center market.

Fonolo has joined the Aspect Technology Alliance program, allowing Aspect customers to benefit from Fonolo’s multi-platform call-back solution. In addition, Fonolo’s products will be featured on Aspect’s Technical Partner Showcase, a marketplace of applications that improve customer engagement and increase efficiency in the contact center.

"Aspect is at the forefront of customer engagement solutions today," said Fonolo CEO Shai Berger, in a statement. "We're delighted to feature our technology on the Technical Partner Showcase and to provide an avenue for Aspect customers to access feature-rich call-back solutions. By using a cloud deployment and SaaS pricing model, we've made advanced call-back functionality feasible for call centers of any size and budget."

Adding call-back functionality to the contact center provides a better customer experience, lowers abandonment rates, and reduces cost-per-call. According to Forrester Research, 75 percent of callers think the option of a call-back is “highly appealing.” Today's consumers want to interact with companies through a variety of channels. Regardless of where the conversation begins – through a phone call, in a mobile app, on a Web site or an SMS dialog – Fonolo's multichannel capabilities allow that conversation to escalate smoothly to a live agent conversation.

"Aspect’s Technical Alliance Program was launched in order to bring to customers innovative solution enhancements that complement Aspect’s offerings, and be assured those solutions work together smoothly in the customer environment thereby creating and collecting the customer engagement market’s most inventive solutions,” said Mike Moors, Aspect vice president, worldwide partners, in a statement. “Contact centers today are trying to deliver the best possible customer experience, while controlling costs. Fonolo provides a solution that meets both needs. We’re very excited to have Fonolo as a part of Aspect’s Technical Alliance Program.”