Fonative Is Now STIR/SHAKEN-Compliant

Fonative is now digitally signing calls placed on its cloud-based communications platform, assuring that its contact and call center customers' outbound calls are compliant with U.S. Federal Communications Commission anti-robocall requirements. The call signing process, known as STIR/SHAKEN, requires telecom providers to be able to attest that calling parties are who they claim to be, and that an approved robocalling mitigation process is in place.

Fonative is signing calls placed to the PSTN from call and contact center agents using desk phones, softphones, and Fonative's WebRTC-based Secure Agent Communicator.

"The technical, administrative, and procedural steps required to be able to authenticate calls are not simple," said Steve Smith, founder and CEO of Fonative, in a statement. "We've made this new process seamless to the call and contact centers we work with, which results in those customers making over 1 million compliant calls a day that are each regulatory ready well before the June 30 deadline imposed by the FCC."

The Fonative API also verifies inbound calls to help call centers detect when their agents are being phished.

"STIR/SHAKEN is a big step forward for the industry," Smith said. "Fonative has always been a big supporter of rebuilding trust in the voice network, and we engaged early with the FCC's efforts to crack down on illegally spoofed robocalls. It's important for CPaaS users, especially enterprise customers and contact center operators, to retain the ability to reliably place properly attested calls in the U.S. We were able to leverage our session border controller supplier, Sansay, one of six certificate authorities, to rapidly enable our platform to be ready well in advance of the deadline."