Fliptop Launches Predictive Platform Partner Program, Signs with NewVoiceMedia

Fliptop, a provider of predictive sales and marketing solution, has announced a new partner program, bringing predictive marketing analytics to partner companies and joint customers. NewVoiceMedia has been chosen as the first partner for this program.

Fliptop will leverage NewVoiceMedia's call and activity data to provide their joint customers with machine learning models that will give insight to ideal buyer profiles. 

"I'm thrilled to have NewVoiceMedia as our first partner for the Fliptop Predictive Platform program," said Doug Camplejohn, CEO of Fliptop, in a statement. "We are both trying to help companies close more deals faster and to bridge the gap between sales and marketing. Fliptop's platform will create individual models for each NewVoiceMedia customer, as opposed to just doing predictive in the aggregate."

The Fliptop platform currently scores over 75 million records per month, pairing customer data to over 300 million contacts and 20 million company records in the Fliptop data cloud.

The scalability and power of Fliptop's platform will enable companies to easily partner with Fliptop to build predictive machine learning models for joint customers.

NewVoiceMedia is a provider of omnichannel cloud customer contact technology. Fliptop will leverage NewVoiceMedia's call and activity data to provide the joint customers with individual machine learning models that will give its unprecedented insight to their ideal buyer profiles. 

NewVoiceMedia chose to partner with Fliptop as they provide a global predictive platform that will scale across all NewVoiceMedia's hundreds of global customers. Before selecting Fliptop, NewVoiceMedia conducted an extensive evaluation of vendors in the predictive space and found that Fliptop's technology provided the scale and sophistication needed.

NewVoiceMedia has been a Fliptop customer for over a year and in that time has seen a 64 percent increase in opportunity conversion rates and a 40 percent increase in lead-to-pipeline conversion rates.

"As a fast growth cloud vendor we have to ensure we scale our business appropriately by leveraging the best technology available," said Jonathan Gale, CEO, NewVoiceMedia, in a statement. "Using Fliptop we've been able to identify and prioritize the highest quality leads and opportunities to drive efficiency in our sales process. We are very excited to be able to offer this technology to our customers as an integrated part of ContactWorld for Sales so they can power-up their sales teams as well."