Five9 Debuts Managed Private Network in the Cloud to Create Quality Customer Interactions

Five9, a provider of cloud contact center software, has rolled out an enhanced cloud offering for its customers through a private network.

With Five9 MPLS Agent Connect, Five9 customers are able to avoid potential impacts of internet congestion on call quality and data vulnerability. Five9 MPLS Agent Connect is a private network connection that works by linking Five9 agent stations to Five9 applications using a dedicated network that is separate from the Internet.

In the past, most contact centers who wanted the reliability of an MPLS network were forced by their software vendors to obtain their own connectivity, and had to rely on their own staff to order, install, and maintain it, the company said. Five9 now offers a complete turnkey system that is ordered, installed and supported by Five9.

Five9 MPLS Agent Connect is designed to support voice and data connections on a dedicated alternative to the public Internet. Companies that rely on the public Internet for contact center connectivity are inherently vulnerable as Internet congestion can temporarily disrupt agent productivity, and negatively impact call quality.

"Five9 customers deserve highly reliable connections and the ability to facilitate quality interactions,” said Liz Osborn, product and solution marketing, Five9, in a statement. “With the Five9 MPLS Agent Connect, those customers can now enjoy high-quality, private connections."