Fenero Launches WebPhone

Contact center software provider, Fenero has released Webphone; an in-browser application that lets contact center agents make voice calls without the need for additional hardware. Webphone operates directly within the browser, automatically configuring itself on the agent's station.

With Fenero's cloud-based solution, customers are billed per interaction. The business API uses in-browser WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology, enabling real time communication supporting audio calls directly within a browser. This feature involves end-to-end Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption of all data that is communicated.

Fenero has more than 6,000 users and has handled an estimated 350 million calls. The company's proprietary contact center services save clients an average of 70 percent of contact center software, hardware, and telephony costs, according to the company.

"Great customer service has become an integral part of any business operation," said Fenero CEO and Founder Marlon William in a statement. "Cloud-based solutions make cutting-edge technologies available to all businesses. Fenero's pay-as-you-go cloud solutions takes this one step further, removing all risk, cutting costs, and enabling smoother setups for new businesses."