Fenero Launches Flow Call Scripting Tool

Fenero, a provider of cloud-based call center solutions for sales and customer service operations, has launched Fenero Flow, a dynamic workflow and scripting tool for call centers.

Fenero Flow enables campaign administrators to create logic-based, dynamic scripts and surveys for handling customer interactions. It contains drag-and-drop script designer to add logical branching, with predefined controls for conditions; navigation; actions; images; text fields, and more. Fenero Flow dynamically populates variables in interaction scripts, such as the caller's name and phone number, for more personalized agent responses. The feature can be integrated with dialing lists and users can access the feature via the Flow app in the management portal.

"Fenero Flow is solving the problem of standardized and rigid scripts for call centers," says Charles Callari, Fenero's vice president of customer development, in a statement. "Traditional scripting technology is inflexible, cumbersome, and very difficult to develop and maintain. It results in a bad experience for both agents and customers."

Fenero Flow's scripting tool can be used within the Fenero platform and alongside any type of cloud or premises-based contact center software. Fenero Flow is 100 percent browser-based. The cost of using Fenero Flow is 5 cents per interaction.

"The market needs a more flexible, dynamic solution that helps improve the agent's work and the overall customer experience," Callari continued. "Fenero Flow solves problems with rigidity by providing a flexible, cloud-based alternative to traditional scripting technology."