Evariant Launches Healthcare Contact Center in Updated CRM Platform

Evariant, a provider of a CRM platform based on a centralized healthcare data hub, analytics, and communications engine, announced the company’s next major platform release. Included in the release are brand new capabilities including Evariant contact center, and Evariant PRM Go! to help health systems create richer engagements with key constituents and to optimize their care strategies while they try to adapt and perform in the new world of healthcare. The release also includes significant enhancements to existing patient and provider engagement solutions.

Evariant Contact Center, in combination with Evariant’s healthcare CRM platform, connects outbound marketing communications, discharge calls, and reminded care calls with inbound responses. This solution closes the loop with providers and patients and enables informed interactions through an omni-channel approach that increases efficiency and effectiveness across the care continuum.

PRM Go! is the only mobile physician relationship management (PRM) app available for all mobile devices including tablets, iPads and iOS- and Android-based smartphones. With it, physician liaisons can quickly view key information about providers and practices in the field prior to a visit and log activities such as calls, visits, issues, tasks and notes while on the go. PRM Go! improves accuracy and speed of data input, provides greater details of calls, visits, and issues logged, and drives greater productivity of physician liaisons.

Evariant offers a comprehensive platform based on a centralized data management hub and analytics engine that leverages multiple data sources, produces powerful predictive insights, is easy to use, and drives informed decisions and actions in health systems. The company is bringing not only additional capabilities to its platform, but also improving and expanding current product functionality for its existing solutions including:

  • Evariant Patient Market Solver - analytics model, dynamic list builder enhancements, expanded data set, streamlined user experience, executive dashboards, and improved campaign reporting with attribution for ROI.
  • Evariant Physician Market Solver – stronger algorithms for referrals, additional data sources, visualization enhancements, improved internal process controls and QA checkpoints;
  • Platform enhancements – infrastructure upgrades, embedded communications engine for administrative consultation, and new list loading utility techniques for patient and consumer data.

“At Evariant, we’re constantly innovating to help health systems use big data and analytics to drive engagement initiatives that deliver the highest value to the patients, physicians, and employers that they serve,” said Bill Moschella, Evariant, co-founder and CEO, in a statement. “The drivers for the latest platform release are a direct result of feedback from our clients and the changing dynamics in health care today that impact all health systems.”