Eptica Debuts Customer Service Software Driven by Linguistic Technology

Eptica has launched Enterprise Suite 9.0, a solution that applies linguistics and natural language processing across all digital channels and languages.

By using linguistic search, automatic language detection and context-based sentiment analysis with all incoming emails, online questions and social messages, Eptica Enterprise Suite 9.0 enables businesses to increase satisfaction and gain a closer understanding of customers. The company said that the solution provides deep insight into the Voice of the Customer, integrating with company Big Data programs and underpinning predictive analysis of customer behaviors.

At the heart of the Eptica Enterprise Suite 9.0 is Eptica Linguistic Service (ELS). This set of capabilities has been developed from the technology acquired in the 2012 acquisition of the linguistic company Lingway. ELS is supported by Eptica's in-house team of linguists, ensuring it continues to develop and evolve as language changes.

Eptica Enterprise Suite 9.0 integrates customer service with the overall business to support wider objectives. Marketing departments gain insight into the voice of the customer by studying the words and phrases used by customers, both individually and at an aggregate level. This delivers a 360 degree view across the customer journey that is vital to ensuring companies best meet consumer needs.

Additionally, by analyzing millions of unstructured customer service interactions, Eptica 9.0 is able to feed into company-wide big data initiatives, providing customer intelligence that enables more targeted and effective marketing campaigns as well as predictive analytics of future behavior.

Eptica Enterprise Suite 9.0 includes the following key features:  

  • Linguistic Search: With its intelligent search engine based on natural language processing, the Eptica platform delivers accurate answers, 30 percent faster than before. Based on a single multilingual lexicon of over a million words and 300,000 concepts it directly understands the meaning of questions, regardless of market sector, context or the type of language used, including slang or text speak Twitter. Delivered through both Web self-service and internally to contact centre agents, it improves operational efficiency and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Meaningful content extraction: Eptica Enterprise Suite 9.0 ensures that it only analyses the relevant parts of a message, automatically removing elements such as email signatures legal notices and greetings. This enables faster, more accurate sentiment and trend analysis, unaffected by superfluous information.
  • Automatic language detection: Able to recognize 14 languages, including English, French, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, Eptica quickly routes incoming messages, such as emails and tweets, to the right agent or department to ensure a fast, tailored response.
  • Sentiment analysis: By detecting message tone (positive, negative or neutral) queries can be prioritized accordingly. Not only does this enable timely interventions for urgent enquiries, it provides wider insight into overall customer trends across every contact channel.

"To cope with the scale of customer service in an omnichannel world, businesses need to look at smarter ways of working," said Olivier Njamfa, CEO and president, Eptica, in a statement. "The linguistic technology within Eptica Enterprise Suite 9.0 allows customer service teams to benefit from a powerful new perspective, enabling them to improve the quality of customer service and work together with the rest of the business to understand consumer behavior. We believe linguistics will be a vital component of tomorrow's customer service.”