Enterprise Bot Launches HealthAI

Enterprise Bot today launched an omnichannel virtual health assistant platform, HealthAI, to automate the scheduling of patient appointments through voice, email, and chat.

HealthAI uses machine learning to power conversational chatbots, email, and voice bots that can manage customer service queries and provide client support.

HealthAI can also handle invoice payments, e-consultations, COVID-19 self-assessments, updates of medical records, claims processing, and vaccination enrollment. It comes pre-integrated with EPIC, one of the leading electronic health records platforms.

"With the help of HIPAA-certified HealthAI, healthcare providers can automate their entire front-desk operations. The virtual assistant acts as the first stage of patient interactions by talking to patients and recording all the necessary details," said Pranay Jain, co-founder and CEO of Enterprise Bot, in a statement. "As a bonus, HealthAI can also conduct initial health screening checks to chart symptoms, making it easier for physicians to focus on pathology."