Enghouse CRM Connecter Achieves Certified Integration with SAP

Enghouse Interactive announced that its CRM Connecter 1.0 solution has achieved certified integration with SAP CRM 7.0 EHP1.

Enghouse Interactive CRM Connecter 1.0 snaps right into SAP CRM infrastructure, and provides contact center agents using Enghouse Interactive contact center solutions, such as Enghouse Interactive Communications Center (EICC), with a 360-degree view of a patron’s history and critical data, which they can use to deliver better a customer experience – all from a single user interface.

Armed with this information, service teams can personalize their engagement with each customer, respond more precisely to their respective inquiries and resolve issues during a single interaction.

“We are delighted to announce the successful achievement of SAP certification for EI CRM Connecter 1.0,” said Enghouse vice resident of product management, John Cray, in a statement. “The ability of CRM Connecter to leverage the business potential of assets provided by solutions from SAP and other vendors will prove highly beneficial to current and future customer engagements.”

As a result of the certified integration, EI CRM Connecter 1.0 enables the seamless exchange of critical customer data with instances of SAP Business Suite software. Together, these solutions create an environment where service and support organizations have real-time access to statistics from their CRM system, which not only enhances outbound dialing initiatives, but also augments the ability to resolve customer issues with expedience and efficiency.

In addition, Enghouse Interactive has joined the SAP PartnerEdge program as a SAP software solution and technology partner. Through the program, partners work closely with SAP to develop and certify the technical integration of their solutions with SAP software. Integrated partner applications extend, complement and add value to SAP solutions, thereby helping mutual customers more successfully meet business needs and drive strong results.