Empirix Updates Hammer Cloud

Empirix, a provider of test automation and network and service performance monitoring, assurance, and analytics, has updated its Hammer Cloud Platform, enabling self-service test automation and monitoring the performance of the network, infrastructure and applications from a call's point of origin to its endpoint.

Additional capabilities enabled by this new release include the ability to create synchronized calling and answering test scripts; evaluate computer-telephony interchange attached data; execute fully automated complex use cases, such as blind and attended agent transfers; and manage thousands of automated virtual agent endpoints, all from within the Hammer Cloud interface. It leverages a hybrid architecture to enable the placement of endpoints anywhere in the world.

"Technical issues have a significant impact on customer experience and can cost companies billions of dollars," said Edoardo Rizzi, senior vice president of product management and marketing at Empirix, in a statement. "Enabling companies to execute end-to-end tests via the cloud gives them the flexibility they need to improve the quality of service and, therefore, customer experience."

Hammer Cloud is available as either a managed or self-service model.