Empirix Adds Hybrid Cloud Test Automation and RESTful API Capabilities to Hammer

Empirix has added hybrid cloud deployment functionality and RESTful APIs for its Hammer Cloud Platform test automation and active monitoring solution.

Hybrid cloud enables users to minimize, or even eliminate, toll charges and to increase the reliability and quality of test calls with in-country testing and monitoring. With Hammer Cloud Platform, organizations can generate traffic from on premises, private, or public cloud networks.

Empirix's latest release also enables third-party integration via RESTful APIs, allowing users to integrate the Hammer test automation capability into their workflows and dashboards.

"Most of our customers, if not all, are considering hybrid test models," Empirix CEO John D’Anna said in a statement. "They allow broad test coverage at a reduced cost and execute test scenarios that best mirror customer behavior, both of which are vital for developing a comprehensive test strategy and assuring customer experience."