Elafris Adds Alexa Voice to Its Omnichannel AI Agent Platform

Elafris, supplier of an artificial intelligence-powered virtual agent platform for the insurance industry, has added Amazon Alexa Voice support to its Omnichannel AI Service Offering.

The addition of Alexa support to Elafris' AI-powered virtual agents enables insurers to serve their customers seamlessly between Facebook Messenger, text, and any Alexa-enabled device.

"Policyholders are impatient with poorly synchronized service delivery across communication channels. They often give up in frustration," said Jake Diner, Elafris' CEO, in a statement. "The Elafris AI core is specifically designed to solve this pain point. As the common AI engine, it integrates and adapts to the current and future communications platforms, delivering a uniform customer experience, and allowing insurers to make a long-term investment in the universal AI core that integrates with whatever comes next. Amazon Alexa is a great example of future technology available today, and I am proud to announce that Elafris is now the first AI-powered agent platform in the world to support this communication channel."