EasyLine Launches Calling App for SMBs

EasyLine this week launched a mobile calling application for small businesses, offering a single platform for managing business calls, texts, and voicemails. The new app gives users a dedicated business phone number, letting them separate work and personal calls on the same mobile device, in addition to several other small business-centric features.

Also included is an auto-attendant that automatically routes customers to the right number or voicemail by dial key, a business hours feature that automates when calls come through and when they are sent directly to custom recorded voicemail, custom caller ID, and carrier-level reliability.

"We believe easy tools make for good work," said EasyLine Product Manager Benson Guo in a statement. "EasyLine aims to help small business owners unlock the next level of growth amid this Black Friday and Christmas rush. We stand firm with small businesses to help them grow and achieve the ultimate goals.

EasyLine's SMS Marketing is designed for broadcasting promotions, offers, and announcements at programmed dates and times. Easy-reply snippets also allow business owners to respond to customers' FAQs with prewritten responses.