EPOS and Stratodesk Integrate Call Center Devices

Audio company EPOS has optimized its headsets, speaker phones, and other telephone network peripherals for Stratodesk NoTouch to simplify communication and collaboration for hybrid workforces and call centers.

Stratodesk NoTouch is compatible with and certified for EPOS Connect VDI software.

"The audio experience is essential for success in today's hybrid and distributed workspaces," said Emanuel Pirker, founder and CEO of Stratodesk, in a statement. "The integration of EPOS and Stratodesk allows IT teams to manage EPOS headsets or speaker phones with just a few clicks, so in moments the devices can be ready for calls and meetings. Together, EPOS and Stratodesk help ensure an impeccable communication and collaboration experience in any workspace, whether it's in the office or remote."

"Both EPOS Digital Solutions and Stratodesk are built for the cloud yet give organizations complete flexibility and control to manage technology assets in the way they want," said Theis Mørk, vice president of product management at EPOS, in a statement. "When your people can work in a hybrid way and devices can be anywhere, our partnership with Stratodesk allows IT organizations to remain in complete control of the assets. Teaming up with Stratodesk is an important step to deliver a premium audio experience for our customers."