Directly Expands On-Demand Customer Service with Certified Experts

Directly, provider of on-demand customer service apps, today released certified experts, which lets companies send a high volume of customer inquiries to their expert users and arm these experts with the tools and information they need to solve complex cases. These expert users earn rewards by resolving the questions.

The experts know and love the products already, and they answer questions on demand, where and when they want. This method delivers significantly four-minute average response times, compared to hours or even days using traditional methods, and high customer satisfaction ratings of 92 percent average.

Now, with Directly's certified experts capability, companies can expand the types of questions experts can handle to include ones that require account access, like order inquiries.

Directly crunches large amounts of data to identify companies' top-performing experts based on customer satisfaction and response time. Companies can then invite those top-performers to earn certification by taking additional tests and passing third-party background checks. Once experts earn certification, Directly dynamically routes to them the questions that best match their skills. When they answer questions, the certified experts can access additional, screened account information and tools to resolve them.

"We're aiming to increase the cases that a company's experts can solve, so that more and more of their problems are being solved by their passionate and knowledgeable users, and customers can receive the highest quality care," said Directly CEO Antony Brydon in a statement.