Dialpad Brings Its AI Contact Center to Oceania

Dialpad's AI Contact Center offering, complete with new digital channel and AI virtual agent support, is now available throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Australian and New Zealand businesses can now engage, share information, and respond to questions using any messaging service or channel. The product also offers intent-free searchability across company knowledge bases and websites, no-code workflows, and active-learning conversational AI.

"Dialpad invests an unprecedented 40 percent of our revenue back into our proprietary AI and MLP engines as well as extensive AI research and development, and we are thrilled to continue to evolve with our Australian and New Zealand partners to better support their customer service needs," said Craig Walker, founder and CEO of Dialpad, in a statement. "Dialpad's wholly-owned and truly unified communications-as-a-service (TrueCaaS) platform will aid Australian and New Zealand businesses in realizing their full potential by better supporting their customer service needs and providing AI-generated insights into any sales, service, or product initiative."