Dial800 Launches Outbound Call Tracking

Dial800, a provider of call tracking and voice analytics solutions, has released Outbound Call Tracking. With it, companies can send calls out through the Dial800 platform and then gather meaningful data on them.

Key Features of Dial800 Outbound Call Tracking include the following:

  • Call tracking for call volume, talk times, time of day, destination, and more;
  • Voice Analytics AI that gives automatic insight into keywords spoken during calls;
  • Call recording that includes transcription and the redaction of personally identifiable information;
  • Sentiment rating with tone and keyword analysis; and
  • Individual-level call management.

"Our Outbound Call Tracking capabilities can analyze businesses' outbound calls to automatically uncover conversational insights, which management and marketers can then use to inform strategy, drive revenue growth, and improve the customer experience. Adding Outbound Call Tracking gives our clients a huge advantage in their call performance management," Dial800's CEO, Kevin Alward, said in a statement. "Our customers' needs are ever-changing, and to meet their needs we recognize the importance to grow and deliver new, innovative solutions. As the only provider to offer both inbound and outbound call tracking of this kind, we are excited about the opportunities this opens up for our clients."

Dial800's Outbound Call Tracking can be used with existing phone systems either through Dial800's SIP trunking service or via hosted PBX business phone service.