Cyara’s CX Assurance Platform Adds Global In-Country Dialing for More Than 65 Countries

Cyara has expanded its global in-country dialing capabilities, bringing the number of countries supported to more than 65. This new functionality enables companies to test their local and toll-free numbers around the world using in-country telephone numbers and measure voice quality based on calls that originate from local telephony networks.

Cyara is offering this capability as part of its CX Assurance Platform, enabling it to be leveraged for design, functional and regression testing; performance testing; and production monitoring.

"Global in-country dialing enables Cyara clients to initiate a call from the Cyara Cloud, have that call route seamlessly through a carrier network, and then present the call in the destination country as if it were a locally generated call," said Alok Kulkarni, CEO and co-founder of Cyara, in a statement. "This saves CX professionals time and money and ensures they're testing exactly what a customer experiences during a call."

The new global in-country dialing feature enables Cyara customers to do the following:

  • Monitor toll-free numbers;
  • Identify voice quality issues by monitoring through locally generated calls;
  • Test automatic number identification and complex personalization scenarios; and
  • Load test with calls generated locally to evaluate call latency, connect times, and call quality.

The Cyara CX Assurance Platform includes Cyara Velocity's automation and collaborative environment; Cyara Cruncher, which puts CX systems through extensive performance and load-testing; and Cyara Pulse, which delivers real-time CX insights via desktop or mobile phones.