Cyara Updates CX Platform

Cyara today released version 7.1 of its Cyara CX Platform with enhanced monitoring capabilities.

Cyara Pulse displays real-time customer experience insights with Executive Dashboards delivered through the web-based Cyara application directly to users' mobile devices. The dashboards now provide visibility across a full range of channels, including voice, web, chat, email, and SMS.

In addition, Cyara launched a new Android application and updated its iOS application.

"We help organizations manage and perfect their CX from the design stage through testing and day-to-day monitoring," said James Isaacs, Cyara's president, in a statement. "With our updated monitoring capabilities, Cyara makes it even easier for organizations to identify CX issues the instant they occur, regardless of channel, with insights in the palm of their hand that enable them to quickly identify and remedy the problem."

The Cyara Pulse monitoring enhancements include the following:

  • Digital CX metrics - The Executive Dashboard now includes reporting on voice and digital channels, including web, chat, email and SMS. This enables users to identify issues in these channels around latency, response time, and completion.
  • New visual charts for voice quality, speech recognition, and response times;
  • New and updated mobile apps for the Android platform. The iOS application has also been updated to support Touch ID and Face ID authentication.
  • Multiple Executive Dashboards -- Pulse now supports the ability to build and display multiple dashboards per account. Dashboards can be configured with the appropriate data for users, departments, or channels.

This Cyara release also includes enhancements across the platform, including a new report for real-time voice port usage, access to newer speech recognizer and text-to-speech engines, and a new transcriber for Australian English.