Cyara Partners with Twilio to Accelerate Contact Center Cloud Migrations

Cyara, provider of the Automated CX Assurance Platform, is partnering with Twilio, a cloud communications platform provider, to help contact centers migrate to the cloud.

Cyara's new integration with Twilio Flex simulates Twilio Flex agent actions for testing and will automate manual tasks. It includes automated discovery and documentation of existing interactive voice response (IVR) applications and automated functional, regression, and load testing as well as automated CX monitoring, for interactive voice response (IVR), outbound dialing, and agent routing and data passing, applications built on Twilio products.

Cyara simulates real-world customer interactions and engages with the Twilio and Twilio Flex contact center voice and digital applications to ensure they are performing as designed. Cyara ensures that all of the systems involved in a customer journey work holistically without issues in voice quality, connections, prompts, or latency. Every test call placed by Cyara documents test results automatically to provide real-time insights into performance and potential issues that could impact CX.

"Twilio is a leader in the space, and they've continued to gain more momentum as companies turn to them to transform their digital communications at accelerated rates in order to address current business challenges," said James Isaacs, president of Cyara, in a statement. "We're proud to support Twilio and their customers in delivering enhanced customer experiences made possible by the digital age."

"Twilio is thrilled to welcome Cyara to Build, the Twilio partner program, as a trusted ecosystem partner," said Elliot Goldwater, director of technology partnerships at Twilio, in a statement. "With Twilio, Cyara's automated CX assurance platform and testing capabilities deliver confidence so that Twilio Flex users can deploy call center systems more quickly, while ensuring the highest quality of customer experience."