The first integration, with Splunk, allows users to send alarms, clearing events, and monitoring data feeds directly to Splunk. 

The Integration with Atlassian’s Jira solution for managing software development and defect tracking will allow for efficient bug reporting. IT technicians can now create a Jira defect directly from within Cyara while they are reviewing test results. That tracked defect in Jira remains linked to Cyara’s functional test results, making issue details and even call recordings accessible.

The Cyara platform, which monitors CX systems and delivers real-time issue alerts via desktop or mobile phone, can now create tickets in the ServiceNow IT ticketing system. Once Cyara identifies an operational issue in the customer experience, a Cyara user can initiate a ServiceNow ticket, automatically populating the information captured by Cyara directly in the Cyara monitoring results page or Pulse Dashboard. To facilitate collaboration and coordination, other Cyara users are notified of new tickets via push notifications to the Cyara Pulse mobile app and within the Cyara web portal.