Cresta Launches Cresta for Voice

Cresta today launched Cresta for Voice, which helps phone-based sales and customer service teams with artificial intelligence-powered coaching, assistance, and automation.

Cresta for Voice offers an end-to-end solution for phone-based teams, uncovering insights from every customer call and putting them into action with real-time assistance.

"It's too hard to measure the ROI of enterprise software today. Companies are looking for outcomes, not more tools," said Zayd Enam, co-founder and CEO of Cresta in a statement. "We built Cresta for Voice to quickly deliver demonstrable value, work at the speed of real-time conversations, and offer the intelligence needed to coach and optimize calls as they take place."

Cresta for Voice can tailor itself to key performance indicators like customer satisfaction, conversion rates, or average handling times, then continuously optimizes call flows to meet those KPIs. It also automatically identifies the key moments of a conversation through its AI-Director. Supervisors can immediately review and annotate calls and reinforce key behaviors.

"We take pride in providing exceptional customer service, and given the results we've already seen from using Cresta's chat offering, becoming an early adopter of Cresta for Voice was an easy choice," said Brigitte Wright-Roy, senior vice president of customer operations at Earthlink, in a statement. "Empowering our agents to learn from one another and amplify winning behaviors is bound to result in happier customers and better business outcomes."