Cresta Launches Contact Center Generative AI Capabilities

Cresta today launched artificial intelligence enhancements powered by large language models and generative AI to Cresta Outcome Insights, Cresta Knowledge Assist, and Cresta Opera.

"Cresta is using the latest innovation in LLMs and generative AI to ensure that contact center leaders are equipped with the tools and insights they need to help agents excel before, during, and after each customer interaction," said Ping Wu, CEO of Cresta, in a statement. "These new solutions demonstrate our commitment to helping contact center agents experience the full potential of AI to enhance their performance, seamlessly collaborate, and receive personalized coaching tailored to their unique styles and skill sets."

Outcome Insights is a diagnostic tool that identifies and quantifies the connection between behaviors and business outcomes like revenue, and provides an opportunity calculator that delivers clear direction to prioritize coaching efforts and measure their impact. Notable enhancements include the following:

  • Greater personalization capabilities that allow leaders to drive outcomes at both the team and individual level.
  • Improvements to behavioral discovery, including the ability to identify multiple behaviors working harmoniously.
  • The ability to infer outcomes in scenarios where outcome data isn't available or can't be tied back to conversations due to data silos.

Generative Knowledge Assist ensures that agents proactively receive the exact answers and information they need throughout each customer conversation. Notable capabilities include the following:

  • Proactive question and answer extraction that uses real time conversation context to identify the right information and generate an exact response that links back to the source.
  • Connectors to popular systems, such as Sharepoint and Salesforce, to keep knowledge sources in sync.
  • The ability for agents to provide feedback to collect input on the quality of generated responses and content.

Cresta Opera empowers contact center leaders to turn AI-driven insights into better agent performance by building customized LLM models for their businesses. Its self-service AI command center can build sophisticated rules that recognize behaviors and conversational cues that trigger actions across the contact center, powering personalized coaching, automated QA and compliance, and real-time agent assistance.

In this latest release, Cresta offers a more sophisticated and flexible interface for creating rules and streamlining coaching and QA processes. Notable enhancements include the following:

  • A three-step rule creation process and the ability to attach rules to scorecards to automate QA processes.
  • Advanced behavioral logic and generative AI capabilities to create rules that can be validated with A/B testing, simulations, and backtesting on historical conversations.
  • Enhanced metadata capabilities to push/pull data from third-party systems that can be used to influence rules.
  • Enhanced configuration options to finely tailor real-time agent coaching components, including guided workflows, checklists, and hints, via Cresta's Agent Assist platform.

"Though many providers have started adding generative AI to their portfolios this year, Cresta has been using it for several years. Its products are advanced in areas such as identifying agent behaviors, highlighting trends, delivering real-time agent guidance, automatically triggering escalation, and tracking adherence to rules, among other vital areas," noted Robin Gareiss, CEO and principal analyst at Metrigy, in a statement.