Creative Virtual's V-Person Now Available on Facebook Messenger

Creative Virtual, a provider of self-service customer engagement solutions, has made its natural languag virtual agent technology, V-Person, available within Facebook Messenger.

With this integration, Creative Virtual adds Facebook Messenger to its list of customer support channels, which already includes Web, mobile, SMS, social, interactive voice response, and contact center.

Powered by Creative Vitual's customer engagement platform, V-Person for Facebook Messenger provides users with instant, 24/7 access to information and support through a natural language dialogue. Consistency is maintained through the use of one common knowledgebase for all customer contact channels. Answers can be customized by channel, and users can be seamlessly escalated to a live chat agent within Messenger with their conversation history passed from virtual to live agent.

Creative Virtual's technology can also be integrated with any other live chat product or nstant messaging platforms such as WeChat.

"By integrating our innovative customer engagement platform with Facebook Messenger and other messaging and live chat platforms, we aim to empower organizations to provide customers with a personalized, consistent support experience on the channels they prefer," said Chris Ezekiel, founder and CEO of Creative Virtual, in a statement. "Using the same knowledgebase across both self-serve and human-assisted support channels gives organizations the peace of mind that customers are receiving reliable answers no matter how they engage with their content."

Creative Virtual's multilingual platform can understand new text terminology, abbreviations, and acronyms as well as emoji symbols.