Coordinated Systems, 3CLogic Form Voice of the Customer, WFO Alliance

3CLogic, a provider of inbound, outbound and blended cloud contact center solutions, and Coordinated Systems (CSI), a provider of workforce optimization applications, have teamed up to address and facilitate the ongoing needs of enterprises that require a complete contact center solution. This includes workforce optimization tools and the added ability to interpret and act upon voice of the customer (VOC) data collected during client interactions.

With many companies attempting to use customer experience as a competitive differentiator, this partnership promises to deliver significant benefits including: 

  • Fully integrated contact center and WFO solution.
  • VOC data and speech analytics.
  • Advanced performance monitoring, interaction scoring and evaluation.
  • Multichannel communications platform with advanced recording capabilities.
  • Enhanced customer experience and retention.
  • Reduced IT footprint and infrastructure costs

“As contact centers increasingly take on the role of relationship centers, the combined benefits of having a complete contact center solution with advanced WFO capabilities makes sense and is a win-win for both current and future clients,” said Guillaume Seynhaeve, marketing director, 3CLogic, in a statement.