Conversable Launches AQUA to Help Businesses Modify Bot Intelligence

Conversable has launched AQUA (Answer Questions Using AI), an adaptive response system that helps businesses prioritize and manage the most important customer queries in conversational interfaces. The technology makes it possible for any employee to push automated responses live to a bot, with no coding changes.

At the core of AQUA is a machine learning engine that constantly observes user interactions, prioritizing broken queries and questions and surfacing them for product managers based on level of importance. Employees can then write and modify responses, which are then pushed live immediately.

On top of the machine learning layer is a business interface accessible to authorized employees. AQUA prompts business users to prioritize their training to answer the most pressing questions. Companies can add detail, layer personality, and adapt to seasonality in their responses, all through basic text input. Changes are implemented instantaneously.

"The combination of advances in AI with the rapid adoption of messaging platforms has opened up broad new opportunities to drive dramatic improvements in customer care," said Andrew Busey, co-founder and chief product officer of Conversable, in a statement. "The AQUA system combines human-assisted machine learning with adaptive systems and an easy-to-use console to let business managers deliver answers quickly, easily, and correctly, to their customers."

"Bots are mainly just the delivery mechanism on the various conversational channels. The most lucrative queries require a long tail of knowledge that can be attained only through a collaboration of an intelligent system and knowledgeable humans," said Ben Lamm, co-founder and CEO of Conversable, in a statement. "AQUA allows any business user to customize query responses and adapt their conversation model to meet customer needs at any point in time."

Conversable is piloting AQUA with several major Fortune 500 companies.