ContactUs Rebrands with a New Focus

ContactUs, a customer experience outsourcing company, has undergone a rebranding to highlight its expertise in guiding clients' digital transformations and its expansion into near-shore regions.

The rebranding comes with a new logo, website, and client engagement strategy.

"Consumers are changing their expectations for service," said Bob Bryan, ContactUs' CEO, in a statement. "They'll reach out over the phone, chat, email, and text, sometimes all for the same issue. It can lead to a lot of redundant work and unnecessary expense. We have tools to prevent and solve that problem. We are out to reduce friction in the customer journey and at the agent desktop. There's more value to our relationships than a traditional BPO."

"While there are certainly best practices to follow, in many cases the journey through digital transformation is unique for each client based on their incumbent technologies, resources, business model, and customer demographics. It's our job to understand those variables and to make recommendations that address the needs of the business and meet the expectations of the customers," said Will Souder, the company's digital transformation officer, in a statement. "Our clients choose ContactUs and stay with us because we bring value. To succeed in a long-term business relationship, we must bring continual improvement to processes and technologies used to service customers. Whether it's a bot programmed to assist agents as a virtual SME, or AI that drives self-service technologies, we help vet the options and usher our clients, and their customers, though the digital transformation."